TenderFlame – is all about flames. The cleanest burning flames. We have one goal: that everyone should be able to enjoy cosy flames without polluting the air we breathe or harming the environment. We aim for as modest an environmental footprint as possible.

Our business is flames, and we offer small table lights up to large fireplaces. All TenderFlame models have the same patented technology, and all incorporate the safe and clean fuel.

We have a growing number of users all over Northern Europe. Soon there will be 650,000 large and small TenderFlame burners that delight and warm people in their apartments, in their boats, gardens, and balconies. This warms us too!

We have designed and developed smoke-free fireplaces, clean-burning alternatives to tealights and several other lamps and lively environmentally-friendly flames for everyone who wants to enjoy an ambient flame without odor and Celsius

TenderFlame is all about cosiness and warmth. The lively flame is the core feature - the heat is a great bonus. The biggest burner provides more than 2000 watts – similar to two standard electric heaters- which is comforting on a cold day.

Increasingly stringent restrictions on how we treat the air we breathe, both inside and outside are welcome. A growing number of countries are putting bans on open fires and encouraging sustainable alternatives. With TenderFlame, we can offer alternative clean-burning flames with an everlasting steel wick and a harmless fuel. Harmless to the air we breathe and entirely safe for use.

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Safe, Cozy and Green...

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Nature is intelligent – so are we! We utilize the same physics as plants in the way they draw water up their stems. TenderFlame brings the liquid up and over a metal wick. To obtain this capillary effect, the liquid is heated to over 104 degrees Celsius when the fuel becomes fluid enough to rise up the metal wick.

All the TenderFlame products incorporate the same patented steel wick.

The metal in the wick glows – it does not burn. It never requires maintenance (provided it is used in accordance with the manual). It is probably the only wick with a lifetime warranty.

The wick will not burn on its own – nor will the fuel (in normal conditions) burn without the wick. They only burn in combination with each other. When the flame burns with complete combustion, there is no odour, soot particles nor any significant emissions that compromise the air that we breathe.

We have done extensive tests at reputable laboratories in Norway, Sweden, and, Germany. TenderFlame burns clean! If we compare the flame in a tealight with a corresponding Tender-light, the ordinary candle produces more micro particles and soot than 50 Lilly.

TenderFuel is not toxic and can be poured directly down the sink. There are also no storage restrictions, which means that you can safely store it at home. You can even pour fuel right on the flame while it burns without danger - it will probably extinguish. TenderFlame is 100% safe to use but you must follow the user manual and treat the flame with caution. Act responsibly when lighting a fire or candle. Keep children and pets away - and do not let TenderFlame burn without supervision.

We have been developing TenderFlame for almost six years. During that time, we have made friends and customers throughout the Nordic region and in the northern part of Europe